Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scrapbook Haul and Some Cards

Hi guys! So what do you think? Do you love the new Pink-a-licious Header? I am so in love with it! A big thanks to Terri over at http://www.thatblogplace.com/ for designing it for me exactly the way I wanted!
Okay now onto business! I visited a craft expo on the weekend with my best friend, Amanda (Hi Amanda!)
and boy did we shop! Take a look at my haul video...

I have already started using some of the things I purchased. Yesterday I had a day off work and decided to dedicate my day to card making. I made 6 in total which took me a few hours, then I took a nap and didn't get anymore done! Here are some of the cards I made...

And this one which happens to be my favourite...

Hehe I love this card every time I look at it, I laugh! This morning I was having a giggle at it as I was making my son's breakfast and he asked me "What's so funny about breakfast?"

If you guys want card recipes for these creations, leave me a request. Have a wondeful day everyone!


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